Adventure Racing (AR) is a great sport. In fact it’s rather a combination of sports.

What is AR?
AR is an outdoor sport, during which one has to cover a distance from A to B to C (etc.) through several sporting disciplines.
You are free in choosing your own route. It’s for this reason, that reading a map is an important aspect of AR, as this will have great influence on the length of time, needed to move from A to B to C (etc.).

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Dependent on the type of race, you may have to walk, bike or canoe. Or you may have to swim, skeeler, cross-country ski, etc. What makes this sport so special is, that it’s (for the most part) a non-stop race. Dependent on the kind of race, you’ll get no sleep at all, or just very little.

Special Tasks
Apart from the disciplines mentioned above, you’ll get some instructions as well, which are called Special Tasks. These may vary from descending by rope, to climbing, from archery to biathlon style shooting, but also from pot-holing to building bridges with the most bizarre rope constructions. It all depends on the terrain and the fantasy and opportunities of the organizers.

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The differences in race types are not only determined by the sports being practised. Length, environment and climate play an important part as well.

The length of a short race varies from five to twelve hours. The next step will be a twenty-four-hour race, which will mostly include at least one entire night.

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The final step consists of races of more than one day. These will require a different kind of pace, are meant for teams of three to four persons and are mentally a lot heavier, as you’ll get less sleep.

Who will be interested?
The image of this sport is one of adventure, being capable of extending one’s limits - the sky is the limit - being an all-round sportsman, possessing a large amount of money and leisure time. It’s not quite true, that this sport is reserved for these people only. It’s your own goal which is decisive. We are convinced, that many sporting people can practise this sport, even the races that take more than one day.

Highly classified results abroad are not our main goal. We are interested in regular participation both in our own country and abroad, not only with pleasure as an important factor, but with finishing (abroad) as main object.

Pleasure and accomplishment will create the urge for achievements in a natural way.

Doing it by yourself.
There is much more to be told about AR, but actually you should just do it. In case you would want to read more about it, you could visit several sites (see page ‘referring to links’ on top of this page) or read written reports about races on this site.

The next thing you should just do is: get your boots, borrow a bike and subscribe to a short AR.

The AMI team members wish you a lot of fun!

The above-mentioned is a summing up of the extensive explanation of Adventure Racing, to be found on Winfried Bats’s personal website:

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